AI-driven detection and response

Collect, detect and act on clinical data.

An integrated digital platform to collect clinical data and automate monitoring

FlaskData helps you achieve high levels of protocol compliance and accelerate time to regulatory submission by automating the manual work of compliance monitoring in clinical trials.  Current practice based on SDV, remote CRO monitoring and site visits logs deviations 6-12 weeks after the patient event.  This manual, site-centric process delays resolution of valid data delivery and study completion by 6-12 months in the aggregate.


Collect provides you with desktop, mobile and RESTful Flask Data API services to collect data directly from patients, investigators and connected medical devices.


Detect  provides you with the capability to automated deviation monitoring of all your clinical data continuously. This is based on techniques used widely in cyber security – read more here about An attack modeling approach for monitoring clinical data


Act  provides you with the capability to automate response to patients and clinical operations teams with push notifications triggered by computed protocol compliance metrics over threshold.

Read more about the Flaskdata software architecture here:  Flaskdata software architecture white paper




The FlaskData secure cloud platform receives the data and updates a secure central database in real time.
  • Your data is secure and always accessible
    • Stay in touch with the progress of the study wherever you are
    • No export/import. No third-party analytics required. No risk of downloaded patient / clinical trial data files being stolen by malware.

Modern innovative life science developers are looking to make their product development process as fast as possible and without sacrificing high levels of clinical protocol compliance Contact us for a demo today and learn how automated detection and response helps sustain over 90% protocol compliance and reduce time to regulatory submission

The future of clinical data is automation

Innovative Israeli medical device companies all rely on FlaskData to run their trials, save time and money and reduce time to regulatory submission. See the stories of innovative Israeli life science companies who have built, deployed, and succeeded in saving time and money by automating compliance using FlaskData Managed Clinical Cloud.