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Global-on-demand management of your clinical trials in the cloud.

Manage your clinical trial in the cloud. Unlimited use, fixed-price subscription

FlaskData helps innovative life science companies achieve high levels of patient compliance and accelerate time to regulatory submission by automating the drudge work of compliance monitoring in clinical trials.

If  you are conducting a clinical trial for a connected medical device, you can collect data directly from your device using the open Flask Data API.

Patients can report their outcomes using Flask Forms and you can monitor everything in real-time using the amazing FlaskData remote monitoring platform.

You can monitor compliance with wearable devices using the open Flask Data API and detect non-compliance by correlating changes (or non-changes) in vital signs.




The FlaskData secure cloud platform receives the data and updates a secure central database in real time.
  • Your data is secure and always accessible
    • Stay in touch with the progress of the study wherever you are
    • No export/import. No third-party analytics required. No risk of downloaded patient / clinical trial data files being stolen by malware.

Modern innovative life science developers are looking to make their product development process as effective as possible and are facing conflicting requirements when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements and reimbursement opportunities. Contact us for a demo today and learn how patient compliance on-demand will save time and money in your clinical trial and reduce time to regulatory submission

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Innovative Israeli medical device companies all rely on FlaskData to run their trials, save time and money and reduce time to regulatory submission. See the stories of innovative Israeli life science companies who have built, deployed, and succeeded in saving time and money by automating compliance using FlaskData Managed Clinical Cloud.