We provide a family of secure Software as a Service products for managing clinical trials. We are rapidly evolving and adding new capabilities almost daily. Our philosophy is on-demand. You pay for what you use and we guarantee data portability.

Flask Cloud EDC

Flask Cloud EDC is a full-function 21 CFR Part 11 EDC Web application featuring electronic PI signatures, query management and blinded reviewer capability.


Flask Forms

Flask Forms is a ePRO – patient reported outcomes application that runs on devices, phones and desktops.  You can create and ePRO system in 1 click after you build an eCRF.

Features patient reminders via SMS to reinforce compliance.

Flask API

Flask API is a powerful secure mobile/device API service that enables you to collect data from mobile medical devices, and connected devices at home. It uses modern Web standards for authentication and posting messages from a device or mobile app to the Cloud EDC.

FlaskData – study portfolio management

FlaskData integrates data feeds from the PRO, EDC and API to provide an integrated picture of your study portfolio.  FlaskData enables you to define your own performance and compliance measures for a study, and generate real-time alerts of deviations and visualize trends of compliance.