Reduce time to complete phase 2-3 trials by 3-6 months provides automated detection and response for healthcare.

AI-driven detection and playbook response reinforces high patient adherence to the protocol, assures high patient reporting compliance and provides high quality risks signals from the first patient.

Sponsors can obtain an immediate picture of compliance posture. Automation of protocol deviation detection reduces cost and delivers alerts on deviations over 100X faster than current manual methods of central monitoring and risk-based-monitoring services.

The platform is built in a component architecture which exposes functionality via the Flask API. This enables sponsors, digital health platforms, medical devices and digital therapeutics to easily pick and choose what functionality they want to implement on the platform.

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Patient engagement

Flask Forms

Flask Forms is a patient engagement application that runs on mobile devices and desktops.  You can create an application in minutes using a friendly drag and drop UI.

Collect data from devices

Flask API

Flask API is a powerful secure mobile/device API service that enables you to collect data from mobile medical devices, and connected medical devices at home or worn by the subject.

However, Flask API does not stop there. Flask API exposes all of the Flask system functionality to developers from adding subjects, creating forms and user management all the way to data extracts.


Continuous data feeds

Flask Data Digital ingest

Perhaps the biggest challenge in decentralised trials, site-less trials and digital therapeutics is having a robust capability to digitally ingest data from a wide variety of sources.

The Digital ingest system ingests data at 100K events/second from any or all data sources in your digital study; investigators, devices and patients.


Patient compliance automation

Flask Data Detect & Respond

Detect & Respond processes the continuous data feed to provide an immediate picture of protocol compliance in your patient-centric research.

The automated monitoring module enables you to define your own clinical measures.

The real-time monitoring robot generates real-time alerts and analytics for your site and clinical operations teams.

Automated playbooks provide adaptive reinforcement messages for patients in their own time and treatment frame and help them achieve high levels of adherence.