We are actively seeking business partners in the global life science clinical trials market. We work with 4 types of business partners:

1. Customer developer partners - A customer developer partner has strong sales skills, deep knowledge and great access to a particular medical device vertical - for example esthetics and wants to grow their revenue with the innovative products for patient compliance automation. We pay commissions on referrals and residuals on subscription renewals.

2. CRO partners - We seek boutique CRO companies that specialize in medical device clinical trials and want to get an edge on the competition with innovative technology for eSource, ePRO, medical IoT integration and automated detection and response.

3. Embedded API partners - An embedded API partner uses the Flask API to create new applications running on mobile and desktop devices and medical IoT.

4. Design partners - A design partner gains early access to our automated detection and response technology and works with our data science team to enrich and extend the capabilities of the Flask AI.

The Israeli life science industry is special not only in its ground-breaking innovation but in not having a domestic market for its products. Without a domestic market, Israeli life science companies must innovate locally and work globally in their clinical research, manufacturing, sales and marketing. This creates an ideal proving ground for to develop battle-proven products for the global clinical trials monitoring industry.

We collaborate with our partners to develop business - innovating locally and working globally.

If you want to grow your business and work with a tech company that that thinks differently about managing clinical trials - then we want to talk to you.

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We are proud to have the privilege to work with the amazing Chinese CRO Jmedtec.

JMedTec provides medical device companies worldwide with clinical trial services that comply with ethical and scientific principles, as well as the requirements of the China CFDA.

JMedTec provides full services as a CRO, including project management, protocol design, trial monitoring, data management, statistical analysis, and report writing. Jmedtec will coordinate effectively sites, investigators, laboratories, and communicate efficiently with the Chinese regulatory authorities. Jmedtec optimizes clinical operations work flow to ensure the fast, high quality, convenient and low-risk services for medical device clients.

Jmedtec has deep expertise:
Full understanding of CFDA medical device clinical trial regulations
Experience in clinical trials in various fields
Investigator connection and site feasibility search
Conducting trial according to international standard operating procedures
Quality control and quality assurance of clinical trial
Data processing and statistical analysis
Composition of trial report and publication.

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Zifo RnD

When we first set out on the path of revolutionizing clinical study monitoring, we knew we could not go it alone.

Zifo RnD, based in Chennai is our clinical study implementation partner. Zifo is a perfect fit for us, as they thrive on challenges with ambitious Research Organizations. Whether they are in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Medical devices or in CRO space, through their deep understanding of the research domain and with their technological expertise, Zifo helps us overcome the toughest challenges of the customers of the Managed Clinical Cloud.

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We first met Shosh Friedman  at one of our clients, Dario Health.

Shosh and Bosmat are based in North America and specialize in medical device trials.

North American-based Promedoss partners with us to help Israeli medical device startups and entrepreneurs bring medical devices to market in a fast, efficient, and highly cost effective way. ProMedoss thinks out of the box to provide a unique portfolio of services which go beyond clinical trial operations and include funding, business development, regulatory compliance, quality management, risk management, operations, marketing strategy and reimbursements.

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Galilee Clinical Bio Research

We first me Dr. Nadya Lisovoder via one of our customers – Vibrant Gastro.   Nadya is expert and professional in regulatory and clinical trial design and monitoring for device and drug studies.

Galilee Clinical Bio Research (CBR) is a boutique CRO that empowers development, approval, commercialization, and monitoring of safe, effective pharmaceutical products, medical devices, food supplements, and functional and medical food throughout Israel, and Europe.

Galilee CBR is a multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial center that provides, outstanding clinical studies management services for drugs, medical devices, food supplements, plus functional and medical food.

Galilee CBR works in eight hospitals and many community clinics based in Galilee,   which includes 2000 hospital beds and 1.5 million potential subjects for clinical studies. They perform undertake Pre-clinical and clinical testing in the laboratories of these sites and the Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Medicine in Safed.


Yael Corcos

We’re proud to be collaborating with Yael Corcos.

Yael has rich experience in design and management of device studies.

Yael’s medical background covers the three core areas of hospital, community and corporate. As an MPH and registered nurse in internal medicine at Hadassah Medical center, she gained invaluable hands-on medical experience. She was then appointed as lung transplant and clinical research coordinator for the pulmonology department. She went on to establish and lead the Clinical Research Unit at the Ophthalmology Department of Tel Aviv Medical Center. She went on to lead the Clinical Research Projects unit at Maccabi Health Services before leaving to start her own consulting practice.