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Flaskdata.io is a virtual clinical trials platform featuring real-time clinical data collection with automated detection and response on all channels.

The virtual clinical trials platform enables drug and device companies to obtain interpretable data in a fraction of the time it takes today. In many cases, customers have their own systems and want to add regulatory-compliant functionality without getting into complex  and costly software development cycles. Flask API is part of the Flask software architecture for virtual clinical trials.

Flask API development partners work with device and drug customers to make the right build-versus-buy decision and shorten their time to market.

Open access for complete virtual clinical trial and clinical data management

The Flaskdata.io platform is exposed as a free and open-access API – and includes rich functionality for complete virtual clinical trial and clinical data management:

1. User management
2. Patient management
3. Clinical trial and site management
4. Data model design
5. Clinical data acquisition
6. Clinical data export
7. Identity services for SSO

Use cases

Use cases encompass address all 3 dimensions of virtual clinical data sources:  investigators/physicians/payers, patients and devices.     The Flask API may be used in both directions; collecting clinical end-points/clinical outcomes from data sources such as mobile ePRO or extracting clinical data into data sinks such as machine learning systems.

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