Digital clinical operations made easy

Fast. Immediate picture. Reliable data. digitizes clinical operations, integrating real-time data with automated detection and response.


  1. Real-time data with Mobile EDC, Mobile ePRO, connected devices and apps.
  2. Automated detection – 1000x faster. 1/10th the cost of manual monitoring.
  3. Automated response – alert clinical trial operations teams and reinforce patients.
  4. Strong data security and privacy. HIPAA, GDPR, Israel, China. 21 CFR Part 11.
  5. Bring your own code, devices, apps, wearables and systems. Plug them in with Flask API
  6. Subscription model, per patient or per clinical trial. Unlimited data and users.

The problem

Today clinical trials are monitored by hand.  This is a slow, expensive and yet must-have process in order to comply with GCP.

Manual monitoring  currently takes 5-12 weeks  to log deviations and costs 25-30% of the total study budget.   Critical end points are often missed resulting in low-quality data and delays of 12-18 months in study completion

The 3-in-1 solution

Flaskdata is a digital platform for patient compliance automation for clinical trials. You get 3 in 1:

  1. Next generation mobile, desktop and API data collection.  Say goodbye to 6-figure integration costs.
  2. AI-driven detection and response. 1000X faster and 10X cheaper than manual monitoring.
  3. Bring your own devices, apps, systems and code – integrate them in hours with Flask API

Pre-submission clinical trials

Patient compliance is critical to the success of clinical research of neurodegenerative diseases, cannabis, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, diabetes, atopic dermatitis, chronic constipation, pain management and heart failure.   Assuring and reinforcing patient adherence over time is particularly acute in home use devices and drug treatments.

Patient compliance assurance is often an FDA requirement for a regulatory study and not just a critical scientific requirement. has patent-pending AI technology for monitoring and reinforcing patient compliance to the treatment protocol in regulatory clinical trials.

Our data monitoring engine enables us to develop specific compliance models from within our own labs to fit the needs of your clinical trial and enable you to achieve the highest levels of patient compliance and speed up your time to data analysis and regulatory submission.

Post-marketing research

The output of the patient compliance AI is an adherence strategy for your intervention based on your clinical evidence. This becomes the basis for a companion mobile app, private-branded for your intervention to help sustain high levels of patient adherence in real-life clinical practice.

100X faster to deviation detection in medical device studies.

Automated Patient compliance deviation detection and response on the platform for a connected medical device clinical trial is 100X faster than manual monitoring. Automated compliance monitoring analytics and real-time alerts let you focus your site monitoring visits on work with the PI and site coordinators to take total ownership and have the right training and tools to meet their patient recruitment and patient compliance goals.