Leading innovative Israeli medtech companies use the Clear Clinica Managed Clinical Cloud to effectively manage their global clinical trial data in Europe and the United States.

Read the case studies of innovative medtech companies that accelerated their time to market with Clear Clinica.


The ORNIM c-FLOW is an innovative medical device that provides the ability to see into the brain like never before and detect cerebral blood flow in treating acute ischemic stroke, Cerebrovascular disease and traumatic brain injury.

ORNIM uses the Managed Clinical Cloud to manage their global clinical trial for ischemic stroke patients monitored in their first few hours after the stroke. The Managed Clinical Cloud is a highly cost-effective solution that helps Ornim meet the complex requirements for data collection and clinical monitoring in a real-time and fast-moving medical situation for the patient and medical team.

OCON Medical

OCON develops and markets innovative and cost effective quality intrauterine technology that improves the health and quality of life of women all over the world.

OCON Medical has its roots in the summer of 2008 when Dr. Ilan Baram, MD, had a serendipitous idea that ball-shaped IUDs would minimize risks and endometrial irritation.

OCON uses the Managed Clinical Cloud as a highly cost-effective solution to manage and monitor their clinical trials operations in Central Europe and Israel utilizing clinical Monitoring as a Service to help accelerate time to statistical reports by pinpointing data quality issues and ensuring delivery of high quality data to the biostatistics team.

Ariel Weinstein, CEO OCON Medical:
“Our experience shows that anyone looking for reliable cloud EDC with excellent service and superb cost-benefit ratio should have Clear Clinica on the top of their list.”

Exalenz Bioscience

Exalenz Bioscience Ltd. develops and commercializes advanced medtech systems that extract vital information for diagnostics from subtle changes in the patient’s exhaled breath based on its BreathID technology platform. These products improve the quality of patient care, enhance clinic and medical center efficiencies and fuel revenue generation. Exalenz proprietary core technology enables medical specialists to identify and manage specific digestive and liver conditions with unprecedented ease, patient comfort, and clinical precision.

Exalenz uses the Managed Clinical Cloud to as a highly cost-effective solution to manage and monitor their portfolio of global multi-center medtech clinical trials at a large number of medical centers in Western Europe, the United States and Israel.


ElMindA was founded in 2006, with the vision of revolutionizing the management of brain disorders and injuries, by transforming state of the art neuroscience into bedside clinical practice, opening a new window into our brain’s functionality, and enabling well-informed clinical decision making.

The Managed Clinical Cloud serves Elminda as a clinical data collection and monitoring platform for their global portfolio of clinical research. With a challenging set of regulatory and medical requirements for data collection and clinical quality monitoring in a rapidly growing portfolio of studies, the Managed Clinical Cloud helps a small clinical operations team be very effective, reduce costs and shorten time to report with a system that runs entirely in the cloud.


OrthoSpace develops and commercializes simple-to-implant, biodegradable balloon systems for the orthopaedic market. The company aims to create effective solutions for orthopaedics that reduce pain and increase patients’ range of motion while preserving patient bone and joint structures.

The company’s first product has the CE mark and is currently marketed in Europe. InSpace™ is indicated for patients who suffer from rotator cuff injury, reducing shoulder pain and improving range of motion.

Vibrant Ltd.

Vibrant Ltd is a developer and producer of a chemical-free vibrating capsule for treatment of constipation. Vibrant developed a medtech, treatment and patient monitoring platform for various constipated patients. This innovative platform relies on known physiological parameters of large intestine peristaltic movement.

The first product based on Vibrant’s technology is a proprietary, biocompatible, chemical-free capsule providing effective aid for chronic constipation patients. Vibrant has successfully completed the Phase II clinical trial with positive signal of efficacy. The company completed recruitment of the Phase III, sham double-blind study with 150 patients in USA & Israel.

From Camille Morliere – VP Clinical, Vibrant Gastro: “It is a pleasure to work with ClearClinica. The flexibility of their platform, combines EDC, electronic patient report outcomes with additional features that were developed for our unique usage is especially appreciated. The system is intuitive and easy to use, while providing a wide range of services.

During the development phase, the team made itself extremely available and managed to resolve all issues in a timely manner. They rose up to the challenge always with a positive attitude. We find the team to be reliable and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with ClearClinica.”