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Clear Clinica is an Israeli technology company that provides Clinical data monitoring as a Service for assuring patient and doctor compliance and the high levels of clinical data quality.

Clinical data monitoring as a service includes Cloud EDC and cloud-based remote risk-based monitoring of patient and doctor compliance.    Clear Clinica cloud services are HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant and enable life sciences companies to break out of the traditional CRO model, reduce monitoring costs and accelerate the time to statistical report by as much as 10X.

Create and monitor measures of GCP compliance

You can create and remotely monitor measures of GCP compliance and site performance from all the data sources in your study: EDC,  PRO, mobile API and medical devices used by subjects.    You can create alerts on measures over threshold and visualize compliance trends over time.

Monitor patient treatment for any sized study.

Patient treatment compliance is not only part of GCP, it is crucial to sustaining the statistical power in your study since non-compliant patients need to be dropped and replacements need to be recruited costing time and money, delaying completion of the study and placing study at risk.

FlaskData alerts and  visual analytics help you zoom in to patients and micro-manage ePRO and treatment compliance to resolution.

You can do this in a Phase I study with 20 patients in a global multi-center clinical trial with  thousands of patients.   FlaskData is an easy-to-use cloud service in a pricing model that enables you to start small and grow and pay for the features you need.

Unchain your brain from time-consuming paper and data extracts

Is complex data a challenge to your brain and your pocketbook? This is what we do – at the beginning we’ll help guide you to the right data model for your study. Align your CRF and your protocol. Get rid of the black holes. Deliver highly effective real-time remote monitoring that let’s you focus on managing the study instead of running data extracts and building more and more Excels.

Work hard. Sleep well.

We started this company after spending years in the trenches of cyber security for telcos and medical device companies. FlaskData technology runs on high performance, secure cloud instances and integrates with EDC and PRO and the Flask mobile/device API service. Your clinical trial data is stored in secure cloud instances. Protected by strong access control and extended SSL transmission security and a team dedicated to data security.

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FlaskData is more than technology. It’s about people – listening to you and helping you achieve speed to results in your study by eliminating avoidable rework.


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FlaskData is 30-­50% cheaper than paper CRF or any competing cloud EDC solution with a no-nonsense pricing model of unlimited users, sites and data portability.