Patient compliance
as a service for clinical trials.
  • Improves statistically-meaningful results in your clinical trials
  • Automated protocol deviation detection 30X faster than site visits saves time and money
  • Integrated data collection solution for EDC, ePRO and connected devices reduces data management costs.
  • Automated smart patient reminders keep patients on track,
  • Strong security and privacy, HIPAA and 21 CFR compliant
  • Global on-demand service in a monthly unlimited usage subscription frees you up to concentrate on research


For innovative life science developers

Accelerate time to results by eliminating SDV Detect and respond to deviations in hours not weeks

For patients

Smart patient reminders to reinforce compliance without alarm overload and fixed tailoring.

For Investors

Early-stage startups as well as later stage companies accelerate their product development process and reduce costs with global on-demand clinical trial management as a service Ensure transparency.


Real time

Access all the data, anytime, from anywhere.

Monitoring as a Service

Assure patient compliance and oversee your sites. Eliminate SDV with smart technology.

Cloud based

No need for IT. Just use it.

Your control

Your own measures, your own real-time alerts your own visual analytics of compliance trends.

Unlimited use subscription

Pay for what you use.

Don't run your clinical trial

Run it smart.

In this straight-talking book, you will learn a 6 step program to clinical trial success:
  • 1Don't make big CRO mistakes
  • 2Correct EDC misconceptions
  • 3Dispel study monitoring FUD
  • 4Secure your clinical data and IP
  • 5Reduce your time cleaning data
  • 6Reduce your total clinical trial cost
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