We believe that you should have easy, fast and free access to your clinical data.

So we built a secure clinical data platform from scratch.

Flaskdata.io is a secure and privacy-compliant data-driven platform for early stage drug and device clinical trials.

Flaskdata.io provides you with a same day picture of missing outcome data and adverse event trends. You execute innovative projects now. You take risk-decisions now, not 6 weeks from now. You need to focus on your patients and on the science and stop guessing clinical outcomes.

We believe that if you develop cutting-edge therapeutics, you deserve secure, private cutting-edge data management technology at a price you can afford.

We work with big, publicly-traded companies and 3 man medical device startups.  Thousands of patients around the world use the Flaskdata.io clinical data platform in the US, Israel, India and Brazil.

Flaskdata creates a single source of truth from API calls, mobile, cloud, wearables, medical IoT, patient ePRO and EDC from research sites.  You can start small with a mobile ePRO solution for 10 patients and grow all the way to Phase 3, FDA approval and Post-marketing.

flaskdata collect, detect and act

We will stand by you in good and bad times with fanatic service, straight-talk and the highest professional and ethical standards.

A secure cloud platform for your clinical data

Flaskdata was designed for security and privacy and complies with  HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, 21 CFR Part 11 and Israeli Privacy Regulations.

We specialize in early stage drug and device projects

Early stage drug and device projects are often challenged by tight budgets and an inadequate Phase 1 protocol design. We’ll provide you with robust digital data management tools that will enable you to work with a small head-count without compromising tight adherence to protocol requirements and careful monitoring of patient safety.

Our customer support and software engineering teams love to work with startups on tight budgets and challenging delivery schedules.

We provide creative, agile solutions for biopharma, connected drugs, connected medical devices, digital therapeutics and AI-driven medical applications that need to be validated for FDA approval.  We love challenges.

We automate data quality and patient safety monitoring

Flaskdata enables you to collect data from your sites, patients and connected devices. You can define data quality and safety monitoring metrics on your patient timelines from any of the data you collect.  The unified database provides you a precise and immediate picture of missing outcome data and adverse event trends with with real-time alerts to patients, clinops teams and project managers.

A Flaskdata.io subscription: Zero-admin. Unlimited studies, sites, users and data. No catches. Transparent price.

  1. CTMS to manage your study portfolio
  2. DDC – Direct data collection
  3. 21 CFR compliant EDC
  4. Self-service Visual Forms designer
  5. ePRO – Desktop and native Android mobile
  6. Data quality and patient safety metrics
  7. Self-service performance and compliance metrics
  8. Analytics
  9. Report tools
  10. External API integration
  11. Connected device support
  12. Single sign-on with Google, SAML and OPENID standards.
  13. The entire platform exposed as a REST API

All this for $50/month/patient in an annual subscription.

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