Patient compliance
for clinical trials.
  • Patient compliance automation technology for medical device clinical trials is 30X faster than your CRO.
  • You can detect and resolve non-compliance issues in hours instead of weeks.
  • Clinicians, patients and connected medical devices send data to the clinical data management platform.
  • Our code computes clinical measures and automatically checks for deviations.
  • You get alerts and your patients get reinforcement in real-time.
  • Your data is protected with strong security and privacy controls that comply with HIPAA, GDPR and 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Your budget is protected with friendly, fixed-price, unlimited usage subscriptions.


Patient compliance automation for clinical trials

For sponsors

Use the open Flask Data API to collect data from devices, wearables or mobile medical apps. Respond in minutes to deviations.

Patient compliance automation for clinical trials

For patients

Smart patient reminders to reinforce compliance without alarm fatigue and fixed tailoring.

Patient compliance automation for clinical trials - shaking hands

For business.

FlaskData accelerates time to submission by assuring high levels of patient compliance and fast acquisition of high quality data from subjects and connected medical devices.


Real time

Access all the data, anytime, from anywhere.

Patient compliance automation

Assure patient compliance and oversee your sites. Eliminate SDV with smart technology.

Cloud based

No need for IT. Just use it.

Your control

Your own measures, your own real-time alerts your own visual analytics of compliance trends.

Unlimited data subscriptions

As much as you need.

Don't run your clinical trial

Run it smart.

Straight talk for medical device entrepreneurs on making the best use of EDC and monitoring automation for clinical trials.
  • 1Assure patient compliance
  • 2Reduce risk in your study
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