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Patient compliance automation – accelerates clinical trials, improves patient outcomes and assures revenue.

How to assess risk in decentralized clinical trials

Before you start the study, any threat analysis you do is worthless.   A risk analysis without data is worthless.  You may have some hypotheses based on previous work you or someone else did but do not kid yourself.   First collect data, then analyse threats.

  • Automated deviation detection and response assures high levels of patient compliance over 100X faster and at a fraction of the cost of manual site monitoring.
  • Patient compliance automation eliminates monitoring delays.
  • Provides a complete picture to the sponsor in minutes not weeks.
  • Strong data security and privacy controls. HIPAA, GDPR and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Guaranteed data portability.
  • Unlimited data subscriptions.

Therapeutic areas

Patient compliance automation for clinical trials

Women’s reproductive health

Reduction of patient burden in a study and extremely fast detection of protocol deviations and adverse events are key to success in gynecology studies. The combination of low-touch data collection, passive sensors and real-time detection and response enables the executive team to perform studies on-time and under budget.

Patient compliance automation for clinical trials


The difference between a futile study and a successful one is the ability to get near-real-time alerts regarding even small deviations from the protocol, communicate with the patient and resolve issues in real-time. For patients at home, fast detection and response enable the clinical operations team to achieve extremely high protocol compliance.

Patient compliance automation for clinical trials - shaking hands

Chronic diseases

Chronic disease studies are conducted in real-world conditions with the patient at home. With AI-based detection and response and adaptive reinforcement of patient adherence, the CxO team can confidently complete studies and submission milestones on time and under budget.


Real time

All the data, anytime, from anywhere.

Patient compliance automation

Assure patient compliance and oversee your sites. Eliminate SDV with smart technology.

Cloud based

No need for IT. Just use it.

Your control

Your own measures, your own real-time alerts your own visual analytics of compliance trends.

Unlimited data subscriptions

As much as you need.

Don't run your clinical trial

Run it smart.

  • 1Build a robust clinical trial data model
  • 2 Discipline equals speed
  • 3Pay attention to your date and time fields
  • 4Prioritise deviations.
  • 5Assess risk and prepare for change
  • 6Do not DIY your EDC
  • 7How to run clinical trials fast
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